SeshatCostumier-Rendering Costumes from Recycled Clothing!

I started taking classes in BELLY DANCE and I couldn't find nice affordable COSTUMES since all of my spare money was tied into taking classes, workshops and attending shows. I'd heard of making TRIBAL FUSION tops from t-shirts and beading BEDLAH SETS. Beading is so time I looked in my closet.
Here hung formal dresses, loaded with SEQUINS and beads. So I started covering bras and belts with the dresses I cut up. A few dancers asked me about the costumes I wore and asked if I would make them a costume. I started looking through thrift stores for dresses with the right kinds of LUXURIOUS FABRICS like satin, brocades, silks, metallics..etc...
After I vended a couple of bellydance swapmeets I decided to open an ETSY shop. I offer affordable costuming made from recycled dresses ( usually under $100 for a complete costume).
I also sew new costumes, skirts, tops, caftans, hip scarves and design and make hip belts from new and recycled goods. I make an MDC belt which is made from a motorcycle drive chain and add leather, beads, kuchi pendants and other items of unique interest to the belts. I also have for sale belts made from fur, leather and shells.
This year I started designing STEAMPUNK BUSTLE brighter colors for a brighter world and the bustles are attached to a belt so they can accommodate different figures. My BUSTLE BELT DRAPE SKIRTS and BUSTLE BELT TRAIN SKIRTS are worn over another skirt, pants or shorts and a matching top or bustier completes the look. Oh yes, the bustle skirt can be worn in 2 or 3 different lengths for more variations. The bonus is that you can remove the belted skirt and your bustle won't be squished. There are no two exactly alike as they aren't made from a pattern, alot of hand sewing ( and a little bit of machine stitching) and many hours of pinning and repinning before I am satisfied with the bustle. I know you will be also.
I hope you enjoy looking and buy an item or two. Plus I hope you like the way I'm doing my little part in RECYCLING to help save our planet!